Department for Work and Pensions Selects MAXIMUS To Provide Health Related Assessment Services

Service Handover March 2015

London 30th October 2014 – The Department for Work and Pensions has selected MAXIMUS, a leading provider of government services worldwide, to deliver health related assessments including Work Capability Assessments. The service will be delivered through the Company’s UK subsidiary. Once an assessment is completed by MAXIMUS, DWP will use the information from the assessment to determine a person’s level of support.
MAXIMUS Chief Executive Richard Montoni said: “We were chosen for this contract because we are experts in helping people who use government healthcare and other social services programmes.
“There are many challenges that will take some time to overcome. However, we believe that we have the clinical expertise and fresh approach that will reduce waiting times, improve clinical quality and deliver an improved customer experience.”
Leslie Wolfe, President of MAXIMUS Health Services UK, said: “Whatever an individual’s medical condition, the assessment process should be timely, respectful, fair and based on all the medical evidence.
“We know how stressful waiting can be so we will be hiring more healthcare professionals to reduce waiting times and get through the current backlog. We also understand that an individual’s sickness or disability is profoundly significant to them. We plan to improve the claimant experience by expanding the number of specialists, including mental health champions, so that we can build a better understanding of how fluctuating medical conditions can be fairly reflected in the assessments.
“We will also spend more time engaging with people in advance of the assessment to ensure they are supported and can be as prepared as possible. This should improve the quality of the assessment by bringing more medical evidence to the table, as well as reducing the number of people who miss their appointments.
“Throughout, MAXIMUS will work closely with disability groups to ensure their expertise is brought to bear as we make the necessary improvements.”
MAXIMUS will formally begin managing the service in March 2015.
Notes to Editors
MAXIMUS plays a critical role in helping governments achieve their goals by providing services to the most vulnerable people in the communities we serve. We have a team of more than 13,000 dedicated professionals across the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and beyond.
We run healthcare programmes in Australia, Canada and the United States and we are one of the largest occupational health providers in the UK. MAXIMUS employs large numbers of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals and brings years of experience conducting independent health assessments and health appeals.