Maintaining and enhancing service delivery through new channels

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It’s been seven years since we began to deliver the Health Assessment Advisory Service on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions. In that time, we’ve worked closely with the Department and partners to introduce improvements to the assessment process and deliver a sensitive and respectful service that’s centred on our customers.

Emma-Jane Banister, Customer Director for CHDA, shares how we adapted our delivery throughout the pandemic, ensuring we continued to help those who needed our service most whilst reaching record customer satisfaction levels.

“At the start of the pandemic, as many businesses paused operation and employees worked remotely or were furloughed, CHDA operations continued across the country. New claims continued to be registered and processed in our Business Centres, there was no break in customer queries being answered in our Call Centres and paper based reviews never ceased in our Assessment Centres to ensure the most vulnerable people in our society continued to access the support they needed, at a time of great uncertainty.

Within a few short months, we launched telephone assessments for the first time ever, allowing our service to continue and to minimise disruption to our customers. Shortly after, we spearheaded a video channel proof of concept, using technology to enhance our operational delivery and provide additional channels for customers. Eighteen months on, all DWP providers have rolled out video assessments for customers and CHDA continue to lead the way in developing and improving the service.

The successful implementation of telephone and video assessments can be seen in our record levels of customer satisfaction, currently above 97%.

We remain committed to improving our multi-channel delivery, and these alternative assessment formats have been vital in providing greater convenience and flexibility for our customers. At every stage, we’ve engaged with charities and listened to disabled people’s organisations to work in partnership to improve assessment delivery and accessibility.

As we move on from the pandemic, we remain committed to maintaining and improving our communication and assessment journey, striving for new ways to provide a quality service for our customers.”

10 June, 2022