Managing loneliness working from home

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Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 9-15 May this year, providing the perfect opportunity for all of us to focus on improving our mental health.

This year’s theme is loneliness – and our Access to Work Mental Health Support Service team have kindly shared their experiences and strategies to manage the issue. 

One of our Vocational Rehabilitation Team Leaders found that getting fresh air and taking a pause before or after work helped to relax their mind. 

They said: “I push myself to get outside even for just 20 minutes before or after work to help me refresh and take a break from screens. Getting the right balance of work and personal space also helped, as you do not want your brain associating every room in your house with work.”  

Chloe Thompson, a Vocational Rehabilitation Advisor, agreed that getting outside helped as well as staying connected with her family, friends, and work colleagues. 

Chloe said: “I make sure I get outside at least once every two days even if it is just a walk to the shop or a café. Checking in on my friendly colleagues on Teams and keeping in touch with my friends and family on weekends has helped as well.” 

Gemma Lupton is a Vocational Rehabilitation Advisor, and she shared the techniques which helped when she was working remotely. 

Gemma said: “One of the things I found the most helpful was to keep to a routine. I set my alarm for the same time, had a healthy breakfast, and then did a workout, and this set me up for the day. Exercise is important to me – and always puts me in a good headspace. 

“I found using Teams to be helpful and I felt more connected to my colleagues. The weekly video calls with them were great for the social aspect of my role.

“I took regular breaks to make sure I was looking after myself – taking time to stretch, eat, and even watch my favourite show (Brooklyn Nine-Nine). I made sure I stayed in regular contact with my friends outside of work. I am also in a few groups on Facebook relating to interests I have, so it has been nice to connect with people there. 

“I started doing blogging and YouTube during the lockdown, as trying new things helped combat the boredom and isolation. I also do volunteer work, which I find is great for giving me a sense of purpose and, again, providing me with that social interaction.” 

If you would like support with loneliness and your mental health, contact our friendly team today.

10 May, 2022