The Maximus Health Coaching service and Unilever

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Maximus’ Health Coaching Service is helping thousands of people around the country to achieve their exercise and wellbeing goals and lead healthier, happier lives.

Our Health Coaching participant Dillan, was encouraged to sign up to the service by his employer, Unilever. Thanks to the support from the team, he gained a better understanding of his own health and wellbeing, enabling him to adopt a more motivated approach to all aspects of his life.

How did you hear about Health Coaching and how were you referred?

Directly through my employer, Unilever. I saw it in the newsletter and self-referred.

How would you describe health coaching to someone who was thinking of self-referring? Are there any elements of health coaching you found particularly helpful?

It’s a tool which allows you to manage your own health, and it led me to be self-motivated and committed. The weekly health coaching calls were great to form a consistent commitment to help me achieve my goals. It also helped me realise how to set goals and not to be disappointed if I didn’t always meet the goals that I set within a specific time frame.

What have you achieved so far with the help of health coaching?

I have a better understanding of managing my own health and wellbeing and a greater understanding of my health goals, setting goals and being OK if I don’t meet my goals. I have been able to step back and say “OK, so how am I going to achieve this?”.

Is there anything that you have learned over the past few weeks that you will use beyond health coaching?

I think setting goals can be applicable to any aspect of life: work, mental health and personal life. I have learned to be realistic, and I have taken up practices such as journal writing and meditating as added extras to help me achieve my goals.

What aspects of health coaching did you find the most rewarding?

The weekly calls and particularly the discharge call, seeing the results with the comparison of the questionnaires from the start and end. To see what I had achieved was particularly rewarding.

Is there anything that stands out as being game changing in terms of your journey with a Health Coach?

Even though I am very sporty, I still wanted to set a physical activity goal, and other professionals haven’t previously been as supportive as my health coach was to enable me to do that. I struggle with injuries and if I don’t meet my goals then it wasn’t seen as a big deal, but to me it is. Despite being moderately active, my goal is to exercise five times a week – and I don’t feel like I have met my exercise goal unless I achieve that. Tina was very good at understanding this and it was not just a tick box exercise for her, she really supported me to go beyond that. She never once compared me to anyone else or told me to compare my goals to others.

12 July, 2022