The Maximus Health Coaching service: Lyndsey’s story

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Maximus’ Health Coaching Service is helping thousands of people around the country to break down their barriers and lead healthier, happier lives.

We sat down with Health Coaching participant Lyndsey, from Oldham, to find out more about her interactions with the service and the difference it is making to her life.

How did you hear about the Maximus Health Coaching service?

I found out about it initially through the job centre, who then referred me to the Greater Manchester Working Well Early Help Service, my VRC then offered the Health Coaching Service to me.

What made you decide to take part in the Health Coaching service?

My VRC recommended the service and I felt it would be beneficial to talk to someone on more of a personalised 1-2-1 level. I was on Universal Credit with Health Issues and it made sense to talk to someone about my health concerns and wellbeing.

What impact has Health Coaching had on you?

It has helped me discover things I wouldn’t have known, such as how housing and my environment can impact on my wellbeing. I feel like “someone has my back” and understands my day to day situation.

How would you describe Health Coaching to someone thinking of signing up?

The service is non-judgemental and person based; I don’t have to explain myself, which gives me time to focus on what I can do.

What have you achieved so far?

I have more confidence and focus on the positive, which means I am more motivated to do things. I am quicker to access services and ask for help. I don’t feel alone on my journey.

What’s your ultimate goal?

To be able to get myself in a position where I have the confidence to look after myself more, then to focus on getting back in to work.

Lyndsey added: “I’ve been dealing with Hannah at Maximus and she has been fantastic in providing support. She has referred me to a lady called Adele from the Health Coaching Service. Adele is helping me with my mental health and coming to terms with my disability. I speak with her once a week and already I am starting to feel more positive about things. She said that Hannah from Maximus is looking into charities that provide accommodation and support. Thank you for referring me to Maximus, it has proved very helpful to me.”

12 July, 2022