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We work with partners and stakeholders to empower individuals within communities to make lasting healthy lifestyle changes through our services.

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Our approach

Maintaining lasting change is a continuous process. That is why our holistic approach does not have an end point. Instead, we focus on equipping people with the right skills and knowledge to make and sustain lifelong change. We:

  • Engage: Population segmentation and predictive analysis to inform effective engagement
  • Assess: Intelligent digital tools to assess individual needs and personalise the offer
  • Motivate: Proactive tech-enabled health coaching to increase motivation and confidence
  • Coordinate: Promote self-care, community and professional support aligned to individual
  • Educate: Asset-based digital wellbeing solutions guide users to access doorstep provision
  • Evaluate: Demonstrate effectiveness, efficacy and promote continuous improvement.

The difference we make…


average increase in self-rated health status (EQ-VAS) after participation in our health coaching service


of participants on our weight management programme lost weight


increase in mental wellbeing score as a result of our programme

Supporting your communities through health and wellbeing delivery

These are the services we offer:

  • Integrated wellbeing solutions

    Our solutions are NICE-compliant and utilise best practice evidence base to address key factors that influence health and wellbeing. We support individuals to develop self-efficacy and resilience, empowering them to achieve and sustain healthy lifestyle behaviour change.

  • Health coaching

    We utilise tech-enabled population health management systems to provide individuals with evidence-based behavioural support to achieve and maintain improvements in their lifestyle-related behaviours. This includes, but is not limited to, physical activity, weight management, alcohol intake and smoking. CASE STUDY: Lyndsey

  • Coached eCBT

    We provide a personalised experience with a dedicated mental health coach and support individuals throughout their journey to facilitate motivational enhancement, generalisability and internalisation of new skills.

  • Workplace wellness

    ​​​​​We provide holistic support for total workforce health, all year round. We put you and your business at the heart of all our activity. This includes designing and embedding core processes and services to keep your people healthy, fit and safe at work. CASE STUDY: Karen

  • Training programmes

    ​​​​​​We specialise in helping both employers and employees to develop the knowledge, confidence and capacity to support colleagues, and to manage their own wellbeing. We are an accredited training provider for Mental Health First Aid and can offer this course and other learning programmes focusing on mental health and wellbeing. Visit our Workplace Mental Health Training Courses page for more information and to book.

  • Behaviour change services

    We work with complex client groups, supporting people from disadvantaged backgrounds and delivering services focused on behaviour change. CASE STUDY: Joshua

  • Tailored health and wellbeing programmes

    We have unrivalled expertise in designing and delivering programmes tailored to the needs of people with physical and mental health needs and learning disabilities.

  • Place-based services

    We deliver through local supply chains and working in partnership with specialist organisations to deliver integrated, place-based services.

  • Tech-enabled solutioning

    We utilise tech-enabled solutions that enable us to deliver a Personalised Universal Care Model at scale, supporting populations proportionate to their need and motivating them to sustain their behaviour change.

  • Partnership working

    Our established strategic partnerships with more than 200 subject matter organisations in the technology, digital, behaviour science and mental health sectors plus our combination of clinical expertise and experience of delivering skills and wellbeing programmes to business, make us an ideal partner to support service development and solution delivery.  

Professional, person-centred, seamless approach

We place the individual at the centre of service design and offer personalised support that empowers participants to self-care. We do this through:

  • Evidence-based behavioural support services aimed at achieving and maintaining lifestyle improvements
  • Integrating services to provide wrap around support for the individual
  • Utilising tech-enabled solutions that enable us to deliver a Personalised Universal Care Model at scale, supporting populations with their need and motivating them to sustain their behaviour change
  • Bespoke, co-developed solutions that resonate with target populations and embody the vision of the NHS Personalised Care approach.

We’ve already helped thousands of people.

Here’s what our participants told us…




Mission-focused, technology-enabled, outcomes-orientated

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