Grant awarded to help specialist neurological research foundation

A specialist research foundation supporting patients with an incurable neurological condition has been awarded a grant of £2,500 from MAXIMUS Foundation UK to provide medical equipment and care.

Tony Hughes from NMO-UK Rare Illness Research Foundation received a cheque from MAXIMUS Foundation UK trustee Lucy Goundry and Mark Hobson from MAXIMUS, who nominated the charity for the award. NMO-UK will use the grant to provide specialist medical equipment and care for patients with Neuro Myelitis Optica.

Neuro Myelitis Optica is a rare and incurable autoimmune condition that attacks patients’ optic nerves and spinal chord. NMO-UK was established to help meet the cost of medical equipment and care for patients, and to support further research into the condition.

The MAXIMUS Foundation UK was founded in 2015 with a remit of providing grants to local charities and non-profit organisations that support disadvantaged groups.  In particular those contributing to personal growth and self-sufficiency in areas of health, employment and community development.

Chris Blackwell, Chairman of MAXIMUS Foundation UK, said:

“Patients with neuro myelitis optica need ongoing care. While research into the condition is on-going, it’s currently incurable and we can all imagine how difficult that must be for patients and their families. The work the NMO does is hugely important in helping with some of those difficulties. We’re delighted to be able to support them.”

Tony Hughes, NMO-UK Rare Illness Research Foundation, said:

“We’re very grateful for this grant. NMO is a very serious condition attacking the nervous condition. While it’s rare, it the most serious cases patients can be paralysed in all four limbs and left without their sight. This grant will support not only our ongoing care for patients, but also much needed research that will hopefully allow us better understand this condition.”

MAXIMUS Foundation UK

MAXIMUS Foundation UK was founded in 2015, using the model of the Foundation established by MAXIMUS in the United States. The remit of the Foundation is to provide grants to community groups and charities that contribute to personal growth and self sufficiency in areas of health, employment and community development.

MAXIMUS is one of the Department for Work and Pensions’ accredited providers of the Work Programme, delivering the scheme in West London and the Thames Valley, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and the North East Yorkshire and the Humber. MAXIMUS has forty years of experience providing support to help disadvantaged people back into the labour market and has partnered with governments around the world to provide critical health and human service programmes to a diverse range of communities in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Through its subsidiary Health Management Limited (HML), MAXIMUS is also one of the largest providers of occupational health services in the UK and carries out these services through a dedicated team of highly qualified clinicians. HML is the provider of the DWP Fit for Work service available to GPs, employers and employees.

NMO-UK Rare Illness Research Foundation

The Foundation supports the cost of ongoing care for patients with neuro myelitis optica, along with research into the condition that is currently incurable.

For further information, please contact Chris Rogers (020 7793 2536 / 07720 054189 / or Mayar Raouf (020 7463 0698 /