Health Services

Health Management, a MAXIMUS Company, is a leading operator of health programmes and motivated by the wellbeing of individuals who utilise government programmes. We draw upon our expertise and proven tools and methodologies to achieve results that deliver improved customer service and effective programme operations, delivering both for the people that are a part of our programmes, and for governments.

Occupational Health

Offering expertise as a leading U.K. Occupational Health provider

Risk and Health Surveillance

Reducing risk through effective employee health surveillance

Health Promotion and Wellbeing

Improving employee attitudes towards their health at work

Primary Care

A full range of primary care services

Clinical Governance

Ensuring your clinical staff are fit to practice

Independent Health Assessments

Providing quality independent health assessments

Eligibility Support

Processing eligibility support claims

Health Literacy

Bringing clarity to your communications

eHealth Solutions

Managing patient health through efficient processes