eHealth Solutions

We help manage patient health by improving the administration of benefits, enhancing decision-making capabilities, and improving communication. This allows health care providers and administrators to focus more on delivering services and less on administering them.

The Medigent® suite of modules support programme management, claims assessment and clinical surveillance. Our modules provide tools for administrative management and claims processing for medical care, chemists, dental and medical travel. Our modules include:

Drug Information System (DIS)

The DIS module provides the medication portion of a patient’s complete health record by electronically linking all health care sites — including community chemists, hospital chemists, physician clinics, health centres, addiction centres, hospital wards, and accident and emergency rooms — with a database that maintains patient prescription and medication records. It provides a comprehensive DIS with the industry’s most robust Drug Utilisation Review (DUR) modules and ePrescribe capabilities for complete, up-to-date and accurate medication profiles and information for improved health planning, evaluation and research.

Pharmacy Claims Processing System (CPS)

The Pharmacy CPS module automates and streamlines the daily business processes required to manage government drug insurance programmes. All claims are adjudicated in real time. The CPS links services, providers, clients, and plan structures, such as prescribed medicines in an integrated solution for management, adjudication and payment.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

The EMR module is an easy-to-use software package for medical practice managers, physicians and collaborative practitioners. It manages medical claims and third-party billing quickly and efficiently. The Medigent EMR features a simple, but extensive, code search and automated reconciliation. Users easily access patient records, along with lab and test results. The Medigent EMR also permits image scanning and is easily integrated for use with voice recognition software.