Health Literacy

We assist the public in making more informed health decisions by simplifying and improving accessibility to health information.

Health literacy is the ability for individuals to use spoken and written language to understand and act on health information. We have a team of dedicated professionals who assist individuals with understanding and acting on health information — whether to improve their health literacy, inform their decision making and choices, or assist in developing positive health behaviours.

Research studies have shown that almost half of the general public has a low level of health literacy. Enabling and improving health literacy is essential because difficult-to-read materials and a lack of understanding by the reader can result in:

  • Poor health outcomes
  • Inappropriate and expensive use of services
  • Higher administrative costs

Our solution offers a comprehensive approach to clear communication:

  • Writing or revising print or Web content into simple, easy-to-digest language
  • Reviewing print or Web materials to identify possible barriers to readability and comprehension
  • Designing user-friendly websites
  • Producing adapted and plain language translations
  • Conducting qualitative testing research, including focus groups, cognitive interviews and Web usability testing
  • Presenting workshops that teach health literacy strategies and skills