Wellbeing Screening

Our nurse-led screens offer employees a means of managing their own health and wellbeing through tailored advice from a specialist advisor.

Wellbeing screening programmes show employees that organisations care about their health. This leads to greater staff retention, results in a reduction in sickness absence, and may aid your recruitment when included in your benefits package.

Employees may receive a medical assessment that allows them to discuss issues of concern with a trained occupational health nurse. This helps them understand health risks and offers support on lifestyle changes to improve their health and wellbeing. 

Our wellbeing screens include:

  • Review of current and past medical history
  • Body mass index, waist measurement and waist-to-hip ratios
  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • Urine analysis for diabetes and other conditions
  • Cholesterol test
  • Nutrition and lifestyle factors
  • Review of health and lifestyle risks

We also offer advice on improving the wellbeing and health of your employees. Our comprehensive plans link in with articles and promotions on our wellbeing portal.