Advice to Pension Fund Trustees

Our advice to pension funds allows Trustees to make an informed decision of the scheme member’s medical condition and whether it prevents them from continuing in their current employment.

With the U.K.’s largest team of Consultant OH Physicians, we have built up a reputation for resolving complex long-term sick cases and advising customers on Pension and Appeals work.

Many of our Consultant OH Physicians have considerable experience acting as medical advisers to some of the largest Pension Schemes in the U.K., including Local Government Pension Scheme, Teachers Pension Agency, NHS Pension Agency and the Civil Service Pension Scheme.

Health Management, a MAXIMUS Company, understands that organisations may be responsible for one or many different pension schemes, which have varying eligibility criteria and rules. We tailor our pension procedures to map the scheme rules.  Each employee, or former employee, is then considered against the scheme eligibility rules in accordance with the procedures that we will agree with your organisation beforehand. 

After the completion of the investigation, the Pension Trustees will be issued with a decision letter from us outlining whether:

  • The employee meets the eligibility criteria
  • The employee meets the medical criteria
  • Further medical evidence is required
  • Documentation is complete

The decisions made by our signatories are robust and based on obtaining the best medical evidence. We have internal processes to ensure that pension assessments are conducted by a physician who has had no prior involvement in the case.