Case Management

One of the difficulties that employers face when they have employee absence is that of delay. Waiting several weeks for a report from the GP when an employee is signed off with ‘work related stress’ can be upsetting and challenging for both the employee and the organisation. Research has shown that early support is essential in cases such as these and results in a higher success rate for the return of employees back into the workplace.

Our Case Management service focuses on early intervention and an early return to work plan. The service is designed to minimise costs and optimise turnaround times to ensure a speedy and safe return to work of absent employees. Our Case Managers are all trained Occupational Health Advisors who work directly with an employee who is absent, or may become absent. We can do this within 24 hours of receiving a referral.  Our professional, friendly and experienced team engages with employees to discuss the reason for their absence, their treatment plan and what adjustments or modifications could help improvements in their health. We help employees map out a return to work plan and target a return to work date, ensuring that they are comfortable with the plan.

You will be provided with an advice report within 24 hours of the telephone assessment detailing the principal concerns affecting the employee and including the:

  • Prognosis
  • Agreed return to work plan
  • Target return to work date