MAXIMUS provides digital solutions to healthy nurses’ initiative

21 February 2018. MAXIMUS is sponsoring an initiative to help nurses reach and maintain a healthy weight. Now in its second phase, the Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses (WIN.) has been ramped up with the addition of an online app and portal, NURSING YOU, based on the MAXIMUS technology platform, WellbeingZone.

WIN. first launched in 2016 as a partnership between C3 Collaborating for Health, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and London South Bank University (LSBU), and was funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing and the RCN Foundation.

C3’s research finds that 1 in 4 nurses are obese, but factors behind this statistic are complex and unhealthy behaviors often relate to nurses’ experiences at work. C3 also finds that nurses feel a professional duty to model healthy behaviours for their patients with 95 per cent of nurses having made previous attempts to lose weight.

WIN. engaged over 400 nurses who are obese to hear their thoughts about what initiatives should be implemented to help nurses manage their weight. What emerged was NURSING YOU, designed specifically with nurses’ unique workplace struggles in mind. Using language and style designed by nurses, the NURSING YOU app and portal allows nurses to take a health assessment, set a health goal and track their progress. It also hosts a wide range of useful health and wellness content to support nurses and encourage them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The project will run throughout 2018 and it is hoped that more than 1,000 nurses will register to use it.

Christine Hancock, Director and Founder, C3 Collaborating for Health, said:

“For a lot of nurses, the hours they work and the particular stresses of the job mean that making little changes to support losing weight can be really difficult. For example, 25 per cent of nurses do not have enough time to get to the canteen and eat a meal during their 30-minute break. Quite often, their own health is the last thing they think about. We are hopeful that the new NURSING YOU app will support nurses to make those much needed healthier changes.”

Leslie Wolfe, General Manager of Global Health, MAXIMUS, said:

We were inspired by WIN. and the great work taking place to support nurses, and we wanted to get involved. Our WellbeingZone self-care app felt like a natural fit and we are confident it will serve as an excellent tool to support the nurses. As we have seen with our client base, a strongly executed wellbeing initiative underpinned by digital technology can bring vast improvements to the wellbeing of a workforce.

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