A new name to reflect new opportunities


Delivering people-focused solutions that make a meaningful and sustainable impact


MAXIMUS has been delivering employment services in the UK since 2008. We have had significant success on both Flexible New Deal and the Work Programme DWP contracts, where we have consistently been one of the best performing providers in our three Prime Contract Package Areas.

Since then MAXIMUS has grown with the addition of Health Management and Centre for Health Disability Assessments and then in 2015 the joint venture with Remploy. MAXIMUS now has four separate businesses within the UK and as such the time has come to better define the original MAXIMUS entity. We have therefore renamed this business MAXIMUS People Services.

MAXIMUS People Services will continue to deliver high quality provision for employment programmes and look to utilise the experience from MAXIMUS internationally in delivering a range of people-focused services that make a meaningful and sustainable impact on people’s lives.

Robert Spread, Programme Director, People Services said:

“People Services and Remploy will continue to collaborate to deliver a wide range of services which make a meaningful and sustainable impact on people’s lives. We provide innovative solutions driven by our insight from delivering a variety of services on a local and international scale. We offer integrated and inclusive projects tailored to meet the needs of our customers and the people we serve.

“The new name and logo reflects the changing landscape we find ourselves in. Clients are rightly demanding an ever higher quality of service from providers who in turn must be dynamic and able to communicate with often vulnerable customer groups. A new name and logo is but one aspect of our dynamic, customer focussed approach.”