Early Help launches in Greater Manchester

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Early Help by Maximus UK is available for Greater Manchester residents with health conditions as the new programme goes live. 

An innovative new programme, providing free specialist support for people with a disability or health condition who are working, absent or newly unemployed in Greater Manchester, went live today [4 March]. 

Working Well Early Help gives individuals access to a Vocational Rehabilitation Case Worker and early intervention resources, such as online support, to help them stay in work after a period of sickness absence, or return to work if recently unemployed. 

Individuals across ten Greater Manchester boroughs can self-refer to the programme, or via their employer, GP, local authority or community group. 

The new programme is commissioned by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. It is delivered by Maximus UK, Pathways CIC and part funded by the European Social Fund. 

Dr Paul Williams, Maximus UK Division President said:  

“We’re delighted to deliver this innovative new programme, giving individuals rapid access to support that addresses specific barriers and enables them to stay in, or get back into work as quickly as possible. Working Well Early Help allows us to test a new, integrated approach, working with community partners and offering a real focus on health and wellbeing.” 

For more information about the programme, call 0300 456 8107. 

04 March, 2019