Maximus UK to be Carbon Positive by 2030

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As world leaders gather at COP26 to tackle the climate crisis, there’s one thing that’s certain – the time to act is now. That’s why Maximus UK is committing to become a carbon positive business by 2030 – 20 years ahead of the UK government net zero carbon target. 

Maximus UK will announce its new ambitious roadmap to a carbon positive future later this year, detailing the changes that will be made in each area of its business to achieve its carbon positive goal. 

In an effort to provide more efficient and environmentally friendly services, Maximus UK has already implemented several programmes to reduce its environmental impact. From developing online delivery solutions that reduce travel requirements to initiatives that increase recycling and reduce energy usage. 

Dr Paul Williams, Division President at Maximus UK, commented: 

“As a responsible business, we have a role to play in helping tackle the serious issue of climate change and that’s why we are committing to going beyond net zero carbon emissions and become a carbon positive business by 2030.

“Our business is embedded in local communities which means our roadmap to a carbon positive future will involve working with our employees, community partners and commissioners to achieve this important goal. I am confident that working as a team we can make the necessary adjustments to play our part in saving our planet.”

Maximus UK employs over 4,500 people including over 1,400 doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, and other Healthcare Professionals. Operating from more than 270 locations, we are one of the largest providers of employment, health, and disability support programmes in the country.  

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09 November, 2021