Assessments & Appeals

Since 1989, MAXIMUS has performed more than 2 million independent reviews and reconsiderations of the payment and allocation of public benefits on behalf of more than 50 government programmes.

MAXIMUS can help U.K. government departments looking to:

  • Reduce the backlog of unresolved cases
  • Reduce complaints by improving customer satisfaction through faster and more transparent independent review and resolution of claims
  • Apply independent reviews and reconsiderations to U.K. government departments' requirements
  • Understand the goals and objectives of U.K. policy to ensure they are achieved in practice
  • Understand the programme’s business processes and then reengineer them to create a lean end-to-end process
  • Identify and implement technology automation to accelerate the processing of appeals while improving accuracy of decisions and security of information
  • Manage reconsiderations for various programmes
  • Identify and hire the right team of experts to address the full range of issues associated with the programme’s regulations and requirements. For example, MAXIMUS performs independent health care appeals for a wide variety of government programmes that include disability benefits, industrial diseases, veterans’ health benefits, and malpractice claims. In all cases, the departments expect high levels of programme performance:
    • Ninety-nine per cent of appeals completed within contract performance quality measures and milestones
    • ISO accreditation to meet stringent quality standards
    • Millions of appeals processed to high customer satisfaction ratings
    • Processing times per appeal range from 24 hours for emergency expedited cases to 60 calendar days for retroactive benefit payment appeals

Health appeals require a team of health professionals. The MAXIMUS team includes experts in quality of care, independent review and people protection. That’s why we employ full-time medical directors and legal professionals with health specialties that include pharmacy, nursing and podiatry. Our fully credentialed national panel of more than 500 physicians and other reviewers represent every recognised medical specialty and all major licensed practitioner categories.