Case Management

We employ a fully integrated case management approach combining the personal attention of traditional case management with the scalability of centralised case management. Through the effective use of technology, workflows, hiring and training, MAXIMUS creates a sustained customer-centric relationship that helps individuals on the programme achieve their objectives.

Based on the diversity of the programmes and people we serve, MAXIMUS has developed a case management philosophy that uses tools and technologies to streamline high-volume transactional activities.

Our approach gives case workers more time to identify and concentrate their expertise on very specific types of people within the full caseload. This creates opportunities for government departments to achieve better outcomes for those in most need of assistance — quickly and efficiently.

The MAXIMUS case management approach:

  • Creates a tailored — yet consistent and efficient — customer experience designed to help the individual successfully navigate the programme and achieve outcomes
  • Creates administrative access pathways that lead individuals to the correct services and treatment plans
  • Incorporates evidence-based outreach and market segmentation techniques that better inform customers and motivate them to identify, select, enrol and renew participation in the right programmes
  • Uses effective communications through multiple touch-points based on the individual’s preference — phone calls, text messages, e-mails, face-to-face visits, Web chats and letters
  • Engages customers, employers and other stakeholders to promote and support programme outreach and enrolment
  • Anticipates individual customer needs based on data changes, and uses tools, processes and workflows that move individual cases through the process with greater ease
  • Connects the customer to a knowledgeable representative when face-to-face assistance is required