Document Processing Solutions

MAXIMUS specialises in developing and implementing document management and imaging solutions that support high volumes while reducing processing times, increasing accuracy, and protecting against document loss. Our effective and efficient document management solutions help government departments improve customer access to critical programme services.

Our solutions leverage state-of-the-art technology to control the flow of documents and tasks throughout a project effectively.

Key components of our document processing solutions include:

  • Centralised document control unit (DCU)
  • Digitising and imaging
  • Business process management system (BPMS)
  • Web-based distribution of data

Our approach to document processing enables us to:

  • Anticipate and proactively initiate workflows tailored to the needs of individuals who meet specific criteria.
  • Direct individuals to caseworkers who specialise in addressing their specific needs.
  • Create Web portals that interact with individuals based on their input and responses. This provides our customer service representatives and caseworkers with greater direction, information and time to focus on their cases.