Eligibility Processing

Public programmes use a variety of models to ensure that eligibility is both efficient and accurate.

MAXIMUS understands that a standardised, modernised and simplified application and renewal process for programme eligibility has a significant impact on increasing people’s ability to accurately and efficiently complete the application process and requirements. This is good for those taking part in the programmes and for governments themselves.

A simplified eligibility process should be efficient. MAXIMUS has proven that simplicity and efficiency can complement each other without compromising the programme in any way. We achieve this by providing our government clients with:

  • Integrated enrolment solutions
  • Paperless business processes and automation
  • Verification of income and citizenship through public and third-party databases
  • Time-saving technology, such as imaging and electronic workflow
  • Self-service application and renewal tools with built-in error reduction
  • A single application form that collects required data with economy of scale
  • Ability to accept and integrate data from other portals
  • A seamless process for eligibility determination across programme boundaries

Our worldwide operations have:

  • Supported eligibility determination for more than six million health insurance programme applicants
  • Answered more than 82 million phone calls