Oxted charity awarded grant for fun day

Oxted charity Unique has been presented with a grant of £2,500 from MAXIMUS Foundation UK to fund a Fun and Information Day for individuals with rare chromosome disorders.

Dr. Beverly Searle (Chief Executive Officer) and Craig Mitchell (Chief Operating Officer) of Unique received the award from MAXIMUS Foundation trustee Dr Lucy Goundry. Unique maintains a network of parents and healthcare specialists to help provide information and guidance to families affected by rare chromosome disorders.

The grant will be used by the charity to part-fund the Fun and Information Day. The event will be held in the North West area (primarily Greater Manchester and Merseyside) area and will bring families together to help them feel better supported and less isolated. It will help to establish ongoing mutual support networks for families and their children locally, as well as helping parents, carers and children (in particular siblings) learn about chromosome disorders. The event aims to improve understanding of the conditions and how to best care for those affected.

The MAXIMUS Foundation UK was founded in 2015 with a remit of providing grants to local charities and non-profit organisations that support disadvantaged groups - particularly those contributing to personal growth and self-sufficiency in areas of health, employment and community development.

Marilyn Saunders, Chair of MAXIMUS Foundation UK, said: “Unique supports people with very rare chromosome disorders, for whom information is at a premium. Understanding these conditions and how they can be managed is essential to ensuring the best possible care, so fun days like the ones run by Unique are important in providing opportunities for understanding and learning. The charity has run numerous well supported and attended events in the past, and we’re delighted to help in their future programme.”

Beverly Searle, Chief Executive of Unique, said: “The fun days we’ve run in the past have been great for children, but have also provided parents and carers with specialist advice. The parents we work with value the opportunity to learn from others in a similar situation and also from medical professionals able to give advice on what are rare and complex conditions. We’re delighted to receive this grant, which will help in maintaining this ongoing programme.”

MAXIMUS Foundation UK has donated £85,000 in grants to charities and community groups in the last year. The Foundation has called for further grant applications from local charities and community organisations.


MAXIMUS Foundation UK

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