Remploy Partnership

The partnership between Remploy and MAXIMUS offers employers access to wide range of integrated services to support employers’ recruitment needs.

With Remploy’s specialist employment support and services for disabled people, employers can be assured of finding well-qualified employees. At the same time, MAXIMUS brings together thousands of employers who are disability confident and understand the business benefits of employing disabled people. This partnership offers a unique approach to helping connect the right people to the right job.

Our mission is to be your preferred business partner by:

  • Delivering specialist ‘end to end’ services that meets your recruitment, retention and sustainment needs
  • Managing your business’s entire disability recruitment process
  • Ensuring that your objectives are met as quickly and efficiently as possible

Disabled people make great employees. Time and time again, employers tell us that their disabled employees are hardworking, focused, reliable and stay in the job longer. So not only can you tap into a huge pool of talent, but it also makes great business sense.

We tailor our products and services to provide the exact support you need and as disability experts, no one is better placed than Remploy to provide this support to employers.