Investing £150,000 into community projects through the Local Impact Fund

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Last year we launched the Local Impact Fund as part of our commitment to building a lasting legacy through our delivery of the Restart Scheme. Since its launch in March 2023, the fund has awarded more than £150,000 in grants to 25 community projects and initiatives across the UK.  

Through the Local Impact Fund, we provide grants to charities and community organisations across South and West Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, as well as South and East London, funding projects that contribute to the region’s economic revival and resilience. 

Twice a year local organisations are invited to apply for grants of up to £10,000 to support the work of innovative, new projects that are ineligible for funding from existing national or local sources. The awardees are selected by a panel of Maximus employees and representatives from local authorities, who help map out the priorities for the fund at a local level.    

Aligned with our mission to transform lives, the fund supports projects that foster positive impacts across various communities by bolstering local labour market recovery, facilitating access to employment in growth sectors, and heightening awareness of employment and training opportunities within the community. This has included programmes offering tailored support to groups including refugees, lone parents and victims of sexual abuse. 

Fatima Iqbal, Social Value Manager for South and East London at Maximus, explained the importance of the fund: “Maximus wants to amplify the impact already being made by organisations and since launching a year ago, we continue to support key issues and demographics. The grant projects in the latest round of funding range from creative projects for young people, training for marginalised groups facing multiple barriers, to holistic well-being support for women and families. This enables us to leave a legacy beyond the Restart scheme, and support communities with the help they need most.”

James Nunn, New Site Lead at Redbridge Foodbank (RFB), one of the organisations supported through the fund, said: “We are so grateful to Maximus and the Local Impact fund for supporting our vision of community-led responses to issues affecting local people. The specific renovations enabled by the Local Impact Fund will mean RFB can deliver on its promise to put the welfare and safety of its volunteers at the heart of this project.”

During our latest round of funding, the following organisations were successfully awarded grants to support their community projects and initiatives.

South and East London    

  • Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) – The refugee focused charity was awarded £3,000 to support their work teaching English language and employment skills to refugee women in Newham and Redbridge. 
  • Disablement Association of Barking & Dagenham (DABD) – The community-based organisation was awarded £6,000 to support the launch of a new Education, Skills and Employment (ESE) service for disadvantaged residents.
  • The AHOY Centre – The charity was awarded £2,500 to support their Boats Afloat Project which will provide 12 at-risk students from south-east London the opportunity to gain qualifications and skills through practical hands-on learning.
  • Empowerment London – The south-east London based charity was awarded £3,500 to support their production initiative dedicated to fostering the creative talents of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) individuals.
  • Her Centre – The Greenwich charity was awarded £8,000 to help support their complex needs programme which offers targeted assistance to victims of domestic and sexual abuse.
  • Listen to Act – The community engagement focused charity was awarded £5,000 to launch the Enfield Youth Advocates programme which aims to empower young residents in Enfield housing estates to shape the communities they live in. 
  • Marks Gate Relief Project (MGRP) – The community interest company was awarded £4,000 to support their community-based education programme which provides free tutoring in science and maths for pupils from impoverished or at-risk backgrounds. 
  • Parent Power – The Greenwich based organisation was awarded £2,500 to support the launch of their Discovering Me employability project, designed to empower and equip parents to enter the workforce. 
  • Redbridge Foodbank (RFB) – The charity was awarded £10,000 to support the essential renovation of a new warehouse, which will streamline RFB’s operations and ensure a more sustainable approach to combating poverty in Redbridge and the surrounding areas.  
  • St Mary’s Walthamstow – The community focused charity was awarded £7,000 to support their gardening skills programme, which supports recovering drug and alcohol addicts by helping them to learn new skills and build their confidence through teamwork. 
  • Tramshed – The Woolwich based community hub was awarded £6,000 to help fund a Community Support Worker who will assist their community engagement efforts by ensuring residents can access the services they need.  

South and West Yorkshire, Nottingham and Derbyshire 

  • Community Education Employment Advice (CEEA) – The Nottingham-based charity was awarded £5,000 to fund a dedicated library space within their classroom to help improve English language skills for both adults and children.  
  • FareShare Midlands – The food distribution charity was awarded £9,000 to fund their new skills programme for single parents. 

03 May, 2024