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This Cookies Policy applies to the following “Maximus UK” companies and their respective websites/platforms (the “websites”):



Maximus UK Services Limited

Maximus UK Services Limited when trading as “Remploy”

Maximus UK Services Limited when trading as “Centre for Health and Disability Assessments”

This policy also explains why we use cookies and how you can control their use.

We use cookies banners for your first visit to each of the websites. This tells you that we use cookies. It directs you to this policy. You will not see the cookies banner again after your first visit because we assume you understand our cookie policy.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files. Websites and apps often store cookies on the computer hard drives or mobile devices of visitors to their sites. We use the term “cookie” to refer to all technologies that store and access information on the devices you use to access the website.

Cookies let you navigate between pages efficiently and store preferences. They improve your experience of a website. These are the different types of cookies we use:

  • Cookies served directly by us (“first-party cookies“)
  • Cookies served by others, including data analytics or social media companies (“third-party cookies”) – this includes third-party requests (which do not technically set cookies). For example, we may use share buttons on some of our sites which allow you to share articles with friends via Facebook or Twitter
  • Cookies which last for periods of time, including:
  • Session cookies,” which last as long as your browser is open. They are deleted automatically when you close your browser.
  • Permanent cookies,” which survive after your browser is closed. They recognise your device when you open your browser and browse the internet again.

You can learn how to manage cookies on It also explains how to change your browser settings to block cookies.

Remember: if you refuse or block cookies or disable Javascript, it may affect website performance. For example, some pages may not work properly or at all.


Information the website collects using cookies

The website automatically collects information about:

  • your computer’s settings (such as whether Javascript is enabled)
  • how you use the website


What we do with the information we collect using cookies

We use the information to:

  • remember that you visited us before, so we don’t show notifications to you again and know how many unique visitors we’ve had to our websites
  • measure how you use the website, including how long you spend on different pages, so we can improve it based on your needs


Please see our ‘Cookies we use’ page to see cookies the websites use and why we use them.


How we protect your privacy

To learn how we protect your privacy when using the website, please see our Privacy Policy.



If you have any questions or concerns about how we use cookies, please contact us by email:

Last updated: March 2023