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Experts in helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

Our specialist occupational health teams provide workplace health and wellbeing services to more than 2 million employees across the country. We support some of the UK's largest companies across sectors including energy, retail, professional services and manufacturing.

In the community we help people of all ages move towards long-lasting changes that lead to healthier lives. We do this through a range of healthy lifestyle programmes for adults and families across the UK.

Our workplace health services and programmes.

  • Occupational health service

    We are one of the largest workforce and occupational health providers in the country, providing exceptional, specialist support to organisations of all sizes.

    Our approach is built around our clients, designing and embedding core processes and services to keep their employees healthy, fit and safe at work, and improve their mental wellbeing. Once a service is embedded, our Account Directors closely review and work to continually improve provision; ensuring that delivery is aligned to business objectives and budget.

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  • Pay-as-you-go workplace health solutions

    With our pay-as-you-go range of workplace and occupational health services, businesses can benefit from specialist support as and when they need to.

    Our services and platform are convenient, fast and a lifeline to many businesses. A typical pay-as-you-go purchase might be from an HR manager within an SME who needs advice on managing long-term sick leave due to complex musculoskeletal or mental health issues, or arranging a digital GP appointment for a team member.

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  • Training for your workforce

    Our training courses equip businesses to be better prepared to manage mental-health issues, upskilling employees at all levels in how to recognise and support colleagues with poor mental health.

    Our team of experts build team resilience, so businesses can protect their workforce and improve workplace wellbeing. Courses include: Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), Suicide First Aid and Disability & Health for Managers.

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  • Primary Care and GP services

    Primary care and GP services delivered on-site and from our City of London clinic to ensure best-in-class medical care for your employees. We offer a full range of GP and nurse prescriber services for blue chip companies, including City banks and law firms.

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Our community health services and programmes.

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Services and solutions
  • Integrated wellbeing solutions

    Our solutions are NICE-compliant and utilise best practice evidence base to address key factors that influence health and wellbeing. We support individuals to develop self-efficacy and resilience,

    empowering them to achieve and sustain healthy lifestyle behaviour change. We have unrivalled expertise in designing and delivering programmes tailored to the needs of people with physical and mental health needs and learning disabilities.

  • Health coaching

    We utilise tech-enabled population health management systems to provide individuals with evidence-based behavioural support to achieve and maintain improvements in their lifestyle-related behaviours. This includes, but is not limited to, physical activity, weight management, alcohol intake and smoking.

  • Coached eCBT

    We provide a personalised experience with a dedicated mental health coach and support individuals throughout their journey to facilitate motivational enhancement, generalisability and internalisation of new skills.

  • Behaviour change services

    We work with complex client groups, supporting people from disadvantaged backgrounds and delivering services focused on behaviour change.

  • Place-based services

    We deliver through local supply chains and working in partnership with specialist organisations to deliver integrated, place-based services.

  • Tech-enabled solutioning

    We utilise tech-enabled solutions that enable us to deliver a Personalised Universal Care Model at scale, supporting populations proportionate to their need and motivating them to sustain their behaviour change.