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Experts in handling customer enquiries.

We’re a specialist 24/7 Contact Centre outsourcing company serving as a professional communications partner to more than 48 organisations.

We deliver positive customer outcomes for public sector, charity and socially-focussed organisations. Helping them to seamlessly connect with their customers in the way they feel most comfortable – whether by phone, text, email, social media or live chat.

Our contact centre services and programmes

Contact centre services
Digital contact services
  • Out-of-hours

    We are open 24/7, making our call centres accessible to customers through multiple channels at any time, day or night. We support calls via phone, email, web, social media and virtual assistants.

    We enable our clients to reach more people, strengthen their engagement and connections with customers and boost the outcomes they want to achieve.

    Providing excellent customer service, 24 hours a day for your organisation, is our business.

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  • BSL for deaf people

    Many helplines or customer service operations only offer telephone support, meaning Deaf people currently don’t have access.

    We offer an innovative Sign Assist native BSL engagement service to ensure your services are accessible, the first of its kind. Deaf people who use British Sign Language as their first or preferred language, can engage directly with your helpline, support line or enquiry line.

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  • Overflow call centre services

    If your organisation operates customer services in-house, you might find that call volumes sometimes exceed your capacity. This can mean that calls go unanswered, potentially leaving your clients without support.

    With our call centre outsourcing services we can provide overflow services for your organisation. You can choose whether to contract us to provide back-up at set times, such as evening and weekend peaks, or whether to re-route calls to us whenever your own lines are busy our telephone answering service can help you when your organisation needs us most .

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  • Lone worker monitoring

    If your business employs people who work alone for more than a few hours a day, such as care workers making home visits, the Health and Safety Act 1974 (and other legislation) creates a duty of care responsibility on the employer to protect them from harm. Our service can help you to monitor the wellbeing of your staff.

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  • Translation services

    Some of the most vulnerable people in the UK are those with limited English language skills. These people find it hard to access the services they need and are entitled to.

    Our translation services can link up with interpreters for any language, providing real-time translation for customers who do not speak English or have limited proficiency. Our telephone interpreter service can be provided through three-way phone calls or via email as needed.

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  • Customer Service

    Delivering complete customer and client satisfaction lies at the heart of everything we do. This applies across all our services as we work with our clients to improve the services we deliver on their behalf; we act as part of their organisation.

    Delivering effective and flexible customer services is becoming more challenging for organisations across all sectors. New contact channels are emerging, customer requirements change, new technologies require new systems and new knowledge.

    As a consequence, more and more companies are outsourcing their customer service function to specialist service providers. We are a highly respected multi-channel contact centre provider and offer customer support to meet the changing needs of our clients and the people who contact us on their behalf.

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  • Helpline services

    We are the UK’s leading inbound helpline call centre service. Operating dedicated call handling services on behalf of charity, private sector and public sector organisations.

    Our staff are experts in their fields and, collectively, we position ourselves as collaborative and willing to share our experience of what works and what doesn’t. This results in excellent customer service for your customers.

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  • Benefits, debts and money advice

    Our inbound call centre services also extend to multi-channel helplines offering high-quality advice, support and signposting on benefits, debt and money issues to customers from around the UK.

    Our FCA advisors can support customer facing a wide range of financial challenges and our highly experienced team can signpost customers to businesses and organisations that can help.

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  • Befriending, guidance and emotional support

    Our call centre services work on behalf of national charities, providing helplines for people experiencing mental ill health, loneliness or emotional distress.

    We employ call centre agents who are professionally trained with experience, expertise and empathy to support service users. They provide solution-focused therapy sessions by phone, video and email or can refer customers to more in-depth support such as face-to-face appointments.

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  • Information and signposting

    For many customers, help is at hand – if only they can find the right support.

    Many vulnerable people are not able to find or access the services that could help them. Our call centre services ensure customers navigate the services available to them as quickly and as easily as possible, allowing complete customer satisfaction and providing the earliest possible support.

    We also offer triage to help make sure people receive the right support smoothly and effectively.

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  • Oracle Service Cloud

    Oracle Service Cloud is a hub that combines contact centre applications and customer service systems.

    It comprises a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate social, web and contact centre customer services in one platform and offers:
    - Case management
    - Multi-channel contact handling, including email and web chat
    - Online service portal to match the website
    - Three bespoke reports and 750+ standard MI reports

  • Customer Portals

    Oracle’s Customer Portals offer a wide range of immediate self-service options to minimise pressures on customer support staff.

    They allow people to access information, search for answers, query support staff, enter discussions with the user community, and request chats with advisors.

    Any information customers enter, such as feedback on an answer, is immediately visible to support staff with customer portal software.

    We can customise the Portal to suit the service and its users by editing the template, pages and ‘widgets’ that make up the interface.

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  • Knowledge Base

    Service users and support staff alike benefit from the Oracle Knowledge Base, which uses self-learning technology and social knowledge learning to keep content up to date.

    It combines knowledge management software technology with social media collaboration, learning from every interaction to create a dynamic source of information that improves the customer experience.

    With Knowledge Base software users can discuss, rate and subscribe to any answers in your knowledge base, reducing customer service costs and improving customer satisfaction.

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  • Multi-channel engagement

    Social media, mobile, webchats, phone calls, text – there’s a range of communications channels these days that allow service providers to strengthen engagement with customers.

    But this also presents a challenge: how to ensure that communication remains seamless, no matter which channels customers choose.

    Oracle Service Cloud integrates all channels into one administration interface. That provides support staff with the entire interaction history of each customer so they can provide a seamless and high-quality service.

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  • Customer satisfaction surveys

    To ensure you’re providing the very best service for your service users, you can request feedback using Oracle’s customer satisfaction surveys.

    These are customisable and fully integrated into the platform, enabling your organisation to gain and analyse valuable insights into particular issues or services.

    You can use the analysis gained to optimise your services and further improve customer outcomes.

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  • Oracle Intelligent Advisor

    Customers’ expectations are constantly changing. So how do you provide a personalised service to everyone, when everyone requires different answers?

    Oracle Intelligent Advisor is a fully agile automation tool that allows you to adapt to your customers’ needs quickly and easily. Detailed analytics are provided throughout each step of the customer journey to help optimise experiences and avoid any inconsistencies.

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