Transforming customer experience through AI assisted innovation

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We deliver positive customer experience outcomes for more than 48 public sector, charity and socially-focused organisations – helping them to seamlessly connect with millions of customers in the way they feel most comfortable. 

Through the introduction of digital customer experience solutions to complement a specialised human-focused approach, we provide clients with high-quality services that have a positive impact on thousands of lives. 

We have served as a customer experience partner to Calderdale Council for the last five years, and when the pandemic presented new challenges for the Council, we were on hand to support them.  

Following government advice to temporarily close their leisure facilities, the Council were inundated with calls from customers requesting information. A solution was found using our Digital Assistant technology, which employs AI learning – enabling the creation of a voice or text chatbot to automate common enquiries and direct customers to support staff where necessary. 

As a result, 88% of web chat enquiries were answered by Digital Assistant, with the balance of enquiries escalated to an advisor.  

Our technical innovations also helped the Council to increase efficiency when dealing with volumes of enquiries reporting defective streetlighting. Through our Intelligent Advisor tool, we were able to give customers access to an interactive map of their area, allowing them to quickly alert the Council’s customer service team to a faulty streetlight and receive real-time updates on the progress of their enquiry. 

Toni Kershaw, Customer Access Manager at Calderdale Council explained: “Citizens and users of our services rightly expect a user experience from their council to be as simple, intuitive, and quick as other services they use. Connect Assist’s bespoke tool for customers has helped reduce demand without compromising outcomes.”

Adam Gould, Vice President Customer Services for Maximus, said: “We remain mindful of the current pressures on many charities, third sector and public sector organisations – who face an upswell in demand as well as pressure on their funding sources.

“We’re passionate about blending empathic, human centred services with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence to support as many service users as possible, and to enhance the service delivered by the most emotionally intelligent advisors in the marketplace.”

Further digital service enhancements for customers will shortly be introduced, including AI-generated call summaries to improve accuracy and efficiency, together with an Intelligent Virtual Agent capability, which will respond to a range of queries using voice recognition technology and provide 24/7 customer responses. 

By investing in sophisticated digital delivery services and CRM solutions, we are empowering organisations to meet customer demands, while delivering a world-class, human-focused service. 

30 November, 2023