Partnering with Haven to drive recruitment in Wales

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Across the country, our teams deliver a number of specialised employment support programmes, ensuring that our participants have access to the tailored support they need to help them overcome their barriers and thrive in the workplace. 

Fostering strong relationships with more than 500 employers nationally is integral to our success as we match job-ready participants to a host of suitable vacancies, creating sustainable and meaningful employment opportunities.

Our colleagues are passionate about taking the time to fully understand the needs of every business to design an inclusive and bespoke recruitment plan. In Wales, we have been partnering with Haven for more than two years to address a number of recruitment challenges.  

With three holiday parks in North and South Wales – Porthmadog, Pwllheli and Prestatyn – Maximus has placed more than 80 participants across all three sites over the length of the partnership. 

Haven colleagues with Maximus staff

Amy Wilson, People Administrator at Haven, explained: “We have quite a large team here, and that is only increasing so it’s been quite difficult to recruit that many people from the local area. We have quite a high turnover so Maximus has been brilliant in supporting that.

“We let them know the jobs that we have available immediately and they always have a candidate that’s ready for interview. They hear what we need and support us with that. Working with Maximus has been fantastic, it’s completely seamless. The participants that have joined our team have fitted in wonderfully – they’re all really keen to start work and progress.”

Describing the nature of the partnership, Hugo Panayiotou, Regional Account Manager at Maximus, added: “When Haven is looking to recruit, they attend our offices to deliver insight sessions and provide working interviews. This is a fantastic opportunity, especially for those who may not perform well under the pressure of a traditional interview. Haven is a fantastic example of how well our partnerships work and our relationship is integral to the success we have had.”

Struggling to secure work, 20-year-old Yasmin Williams, who in addition to her learning difficulties was extremely shy and anxious, needed comprehensive support to help her overcome her barriers.  

Following 15 months of one-to-one employability support through the Intensive Personalised Employment Support (IPES) Programme, she applied to Haven in Pwllheli and following a successful work trial, was offered a waitress position in May 2023.  

“I was struggling with interviews because of my learning difficulties which made it hard for me to get a job. I joined Maximus and my advisor helped me with my CV, interviews and gave me confidence, which helped to get my job at Haven.” 

Yasmin with a customer at Haven

When Yasmin began having difficulties with identifying the correct table numbers and understanding monetary values, Haven called in our in-work support team who were able to provide further help. Yasmin was given additional learning materials, as well as being shadowed by her advisor who provided extra guidance during her shifts.  

Hugo explained: “Without the in-work support that Maximus offer, some of our participants would really struggle to sustain a job. We don’t just find people work and leave them there at the door, we look after them and check that the participant and employer have everything in place for them to be happy and stay in work.”

Yasmin laughing at Haven

The support Yasmin has received from both Maximus and Haven has been vital to helping her feel included in the workplace. She reflected: “It makes me feel happy and proud that I’ve got a job. I’m independent and earn my own money. I love being part of this team, I have friends and enjoy working here. I want to come back next season.” 

Adam Pemberton, 39, also experienced difficulty finding work in his rural location, which was negatively affecting his mental health. He joined Maximus and the Restart Scheme in September 2023, and within three weeks secured a cleaning position with Haven in Prestatyn. 

Adam explained: “I was finding it really hard to find work locally, because I have to rely on public transport. I felt that there must be something wrong with me because no one wanted to employ me. 

“Working with Maximus helped me to realise my potential and I’m grateful for that. They showed me that I do exist, and I now have a reason to get up in the morning. Working at Haven has changed my life. I would recommend Maximus to anyone and everyone.”

Adam, Haven participant

Haven and Maximus are both committed to employing a diverse and inclusive workforce, supporting participants to make them feel included and respected, ultimately helping them to thrive in the workplace.   

Reflecting on the partnership, Sarah Roberts, People Manager at Haven, said: “We have a very good relationship with Maximus.  The communication with the team is great and working with them has been really beneficial for us.  

“Maximus has given us some fantastic candidates and we will definitely continue to work with them in the future.” 

01 February, 2024