Celebrating Black History Month with our colleagues

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At Maximus, we are committed to improving diversity, equality and inclusion across every area of our business.

We all work at the same place, but not everyone’s experience is the same. Through our colleague networks, like MaxCultural, we are driving real, lasting change — making sure everyone feels seen, heard and included.

This year’s Black History Month theme, Time For Change: Action Not Words, exemplifies the purpose of our colleague network.

Dr Sara-Jayne McLeod, MaxCultural Board Member, reflected on the importance of the month: “Black History Month is a time when we get to focus on some of the history and narratives that make Britain what it is today. It gives us a stronger sense of identity and belonging, so it’s a really important month.

“This year’s theme is about recognising that cultural challenges which exist, and working together with some of the best minds across the business to put a plan together and move things forward.

“We’re coming together as creative minds and passionate champions of change to make a real impact.”

To celebrate and recognise this year’s Black History Month, we spoke with our colleagues to find out what BHM means to them.

Mitchel Chatukuta commented: “Representation in the workplace is extremely important, especially for workers who may be from minority groups. Having a diverse workforce really helps to make you feel empowered and valued within the business.”

Our MaxCultural colleague network is sponsored by our UK Division President, Dr Paul Williams. We are implementing a number of immediate actions.

We are auditing our polices to ensure they are as inclusive as possible, while continuing to drive data declaration, to better understand the diversity characteristics of colleagues.

Ria Dathorne, MaxCultural Co-Chair, reflected on the DE&I framework: “Maximus is encouraging us to have a lot more open conversations around DE&I and it’s helping us as a networking group to go out and reach more areas of the business.

“So, they are really building on their promise of creating a more inclusive workplace.”

27 October, 2022