Empowering small businesses to support employees struggling with their mental health

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With the World Federation for Mental Health declaring mental health a universal human right, this year’s World Mental Health Day is the perfect opportunity for organisations to examine their existing workplace mental health provision, and investigate ways to improve employee access to mental health support.

Recent data shows that stress, depression or anxiety are now a leading cause of work-related ill health*, with smaller businesses disproportionately affected by poor mental health. More than half of small business owners have experienced issues arising from concerns over cashflow, post-pandemic health problems and rising costs*.

As National Partnerships Manager for the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service, I’m acutely aware of the challenges faced by small businesses, which make up half of the UK’s private employment sector.

So, to coincide with World Mental Health Day, we’ve introduced a Webinar Series addressing specific mental health conditions which may affect small business employees.

The series will explore topics including burnout, men’s mental health, and menopause, and the webinars are free to access for both employers and employees.

For employers who want to support the mental health of their workforce, but have limited resource or expertise in this area, help is available through the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service.

Delivered by Maximus, the service is a package of support available to businesses of all sizes. Funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, it provides free, work-centred mental health support to any employee in paid employment struggling with their mental health.

The service includes workplace adjustments advice and guidance to help businesses to retain and support their staff, while reducing mental health-related absences and presenteeism.

Sign up here to register for the first in the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service webinar series: ‘Burnout in the Workplace’. For more information about the mental health support available for employers, click here.

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*Research conducted by Simply Business, 2023

10 October, 2023