The benefits of Maximus’ Community Partnership Network model

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The Better Health Generation UK is a national provider of tailored work-focused health programmes. We help people to achieve their potential and find sustainable employment.

We were founded in 2017 and joined Maximus’ Community Partnership Network (CPN) in August 2021.

Our support covers sectors including employability and skills development, with a wide range of programmes delivered, largely remotely, by our experienced team.

This growing partnership means Maximus participants have access to The Better Health Generation’s Health Specialists, and to employment-focused health programmes.

So far, nearly 1,000 participants have been referred to our experts, helping them to overcome their health challenges and move closer to employment.

Expanding reach  

Reach is one of the biggest benefits of the CPN. It’s great to be part of a network of like-minded organisations, supporting participants through programmes like the Restart Scheme.

Thanks to the CPN, we have a better understanding of other services available nearby. It’s crucial for us to have an awareness of local organisations.

The way the CPN is broken down into regions makes everything more targeted, ensuring we work effectively with Maximus to deliver the best support.

Greater access to other opportunities  

Being part of the CPN has enabled us to deliver direct to Maximus Restart Scheme participants. We have also been able to assist Maximus’ supply chain partners, such as Reed in Partnership and Futures.

The CPN has revealed other opportunities and employability programmes internally within Maximus.

We’ve been delivering strong outcomes and have offered our services on the JETS and Work and Health Programme contracts, both for Maximus and its supply chain.

This growing reach had manifested itself in terms of referrals. We have had more than 300 Restart Scheme referrals to date, and the figure continues to grow.

Working in partnership

Thanks to the CPN framework, we have a platform which makes it considerably easier for other organisations to connect with us.

It allows us to become a trusted source, for them to utilise our services.

Sharing practice with other trusted providers to offer opinions, expertise and insight is a great benefit to our membership within the CPN.

It’s been great for us to be part of a framework like this. As an organisation, we trust the quality of like-minded organisations. We understand we share the same values and aims, as we work together to support local communities.

A wealth of quality expertise for participants 

Working with Maximus and its supply chain partners, we provide a broad range of support for participants.

We mainly focus on anxiety, depression, low mood and pain management. We cover anything from mild mental or physical health challenges, all the way to complex health challenges.

We are equipped to support more complex needs such as bipolar, schizophrenia or personality disorders. And we can also help with stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and low motivation.

We have a skilled team of counsellors, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, mental health nurses and occupational therapists at our disposal.

Our multi-disciplinary team offers extensive support to participants, matching them to the best clinician for their needs.

Our wide pool of clinicians with different experiences and expertise is part of what makes us so unique. We can ensure participants receive the right, tailored support to suit them.

Waiting times for NHS counselling and mental health services continue to steadily increase across the country, often averaging around six-to-nine months.

With support from Maximus and the CPN, our participants can access the appropriate services and receive an appointment with one of our clinicians within a matter of days.

Using health interventions to achieve employment goals  

If we had a strapline for our employability programmes, it would be ‘delivering work-focused health solutions and interventions’.

Even though individuals come to us for health support, we understand they are on a journey back into employment. We take time to tailor our work and health interventions, to help them move closer to the labour market.

Our clinicians are trained within employability, to understand the various employment programmes Maximus delivers. This ensures the sessions are outcome-focused as well as person-centred.

It’s all about removing barriers, providing practical coping mechanisms, strategies, tools and techniques, as well as signposting.

We can assess each individual and make recommendations to the Maximus team, giving as much information as possible.

A future of creativity and innovation

We’re really looking forward to continuing this strong relationship with Maximus, working together across a range of their employability programmes, alongside any other opportunities which become available through their partners and the CPN.

When it comes to creating new programmes, projects and services, Maximus encourage us to be innovative and develop new, exciting ideas which fill any gaps in provision.

It’s exciting to be able to harness this innovation, working collaboratively with other CPN partners to support participants.

As an organisation committed to helping the local community, we look forward to exploring the opportunities that being part of the network allow us to create.

10 November, 2022