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Maximus UK has signed up to the Ban the Box campaign as part of its commitment to inclusive recruitment. 

The national campaign from Business in the Community is backed by more than 125 employers with a combined workforce of about 832,000, including the Civil Service, Boots and Virgin Trains, who are creating a fair chance for ex-offenders to compete for jobs and bringing down the £15 billion a year cost of reoffending. 

Applicants for roles with Maximus UK will no longer be required to declare if they have a criminal record when applying online or through recruitment partners. Instead, questions will be incorporated in to phone interviews to provide applicants with an opportunity to explain prior convictions and provide additional context. 

Checks and processes that are legally required when recruiting for regulated roles as defined by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) will remain in place where required. 

Maximus already supports thousands of individuals in to sustainable employment through its employment support programmes each year, a significant proportion of whom have a criminal record. The company also works with thousands of UK employers to help them understand why more inclusive recruitment processes, including for ex-offenders, make real business sense, widening their access to talent. 

Dr Paul Williams, Maximus UK Division President said: 

“At Maximus, we understand the transformative effect of employment and the importance of an inclusive workplace. 

While acknowledging the sensitive nature of our work, we are committed to Ban the Box. Our action should give individuals who have prior convictions confidence that their application will be judged on skills and experience, rather than a tick box about their past.”

Jessica Rose, Business in the Community’s campaign manager said:  

“Two thirds of employers admit to discriminating against people with criminal records but the employers we work with recognise the skills and loyalty this diverse group of people can bring to their roles. Removing the barrier of a tick box can make all the difference to someone deciding to apply to your company or not and we need more forward-thinking employers to join the campaign to help stop the cycle of reoffending.”

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07 May, 2019