Our response to the Coronavirus outbreak

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At Maximus we are doing everything we can to support our colleagues, clients and customers at this difficult time.

I’m incredibly proud of how everyone across our business has responded to the current crisis. At all times their health, safety and wellbeing, as well as of our service users, comes first. That’s why we’ve moved thousands of our colleagues to work from home, and have closed all of our delivery sites to the public until it is safe and practical for them to reopen.

We’ve adapted the delivery of many of our critical programmes, moving support online and over the phone, to ensure the public can still access support over the coming weeks. We have robust processes in place to maintain our services where it’s appropriate to do so.

As an employer of nurses, doctors and clinicians, we are in a unique position to help with the effort against COVID-19. We’re committing both clinical and non-clinical colleagues from across our business to support the national effort. We have offered our clinical skills to support testing and treatment, and our expertise in delivering employment, skills and mental health support in the communities hit hardest by this crisis.

Our commitment extends across all divisions and all levels of our business. I myself have begun the process for a secondment to the NHS, alongside my duties as Division President.

We continue to work closely with our commissioners and partners to explore other ways we can utilise our skills to support their covid-19 response, and are committed to playing our part.

Dr Paul Williams, Division President, Maximus UK 

09 April, 2020