Stuart King
Managing Director, BeeZee Bodies

Stuart brings 15 years of behaviour change expertise to Maximus. His experience includes evidence-based intervention design, local policy and commissioning, along with national-level engagement and policy.

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Experience and expertise: Stuart began by designing interventions for families to help them make lasting changes together more than 15 years ago.

His experience includes working in the NHS and Local Council as an Obesity Lead, creating and supporting the development of local policies and services from within the public health team. He has also worked as a Senior Scientist with Public Health England’s (PHE) National Diet and Obesity Team, and as a National Implementation Manager within PHE.

Alongside these roles, Stuart has continued to develop BeeZee Bodies to deliver various innovative adult weight management services within local communities across the country. He is passionate about creating interventions that truly enrich and change people’s lives, empowering them to be happier and healthier.

Stuart has also completed an MSc in Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing, where he directly applied the theories from the fields of psychology, sociology and physiology to the services he was creating and running.